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Ghazal of the Fiftieth Danaid, London Review of Books. (Purchase a limited-edition broadside of the poem from Tollund Press here.)

The Fiftieth Danaid, Times Literary Supplement.

Peacocks, London Review of Books

Swallows, The New Yorker

an anthology of poems at the Poetry Foundation website

An Ancient Dog Grave, Unearthed During Construction of the Athens Metro
Sea Urchins, The Nation
Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda, The New Yorker

Some Essays and Reviews

Climate dispatch: Halcyon Days in the Saronic, via London Review of Books.

Eleusinian Mysteries, London Review of Books blog

Summer of the Statue Storm, Image Journal

The Lyre of Eëtion: Lyric, Epic, War, and Migration in the Eastern Aegean, The Sewanee Review.

Shipwreck is Everywhere, The Hudson Review

Ode to a Nightingale: Attending a Poet's Funeral, TLS

Cool Pastoral: review of Peter Parker's Housman Country: Into the Heart of England, Literary Matters

A View from Athens, TLS

On Rupert Brooke, Skyros, and St George ("Letter from Greece"), The Hudson Review

Austerity Measures, Poetry Magazine

Alice in Wonderland (A. E. Stallings in R.E.M.-land)

Brass Tacks, Parnassus Poetry in Review (Review of The Brazen Plagiarist, Kiki Dimoula).

Fugitive Train, review of George Seferis's A Levant Journal

The Historial Present, review of Fagle's translation of Virgil's Aeneid.





Interviews (recorded and written)

with BBC's Radio Four "Front Row" (begins around 25:33)

with Sam Leith, on The Spectator's Book Club podcast


with Beth Glylys, from Five Points



with Edward Byrne, from Valparaiso



with Ginger Murchison, from the Cortland Review







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